Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are one of the most common types of conveyor system in use today and are used in a variety of industries to move goods and bulk materials. The proliferation of belt styles and designs since the 1960's, as new synthetic materials have become available, has fuelled an enormous growth in applications for belt conveyors. Their inherent efficiency also makes them a popular choice where energy consumption is important.

Guttridge Provide Three Belt Conveyor ranges

Guttridge offer three distinct ranges of belt conveyor featuring different configurations, each designed to suit the particular requirements of selected handling markets:-

  • Carier Slip Form range: ideal for light industrial and harvest duty grain storage applications.
  • Guttridge Troughed Roller range: ideal for heavy duty grain storage, animal feedmilling and general industrial applications.
  • Custom Heavy Industrial Kleenbelt range: ideal where dust containment together with heavy duty design or special specification is required, usually custom-built to suit application needs.

Special Purpose Custom Built Belt Conveyors

Guttridge also specialise in special purpose belt conveyors designed and built to suit customers' particular requirements.  Typical examples include very wide flat conveyors for slow moving unit loads, stainless steel units for applications such as hot foods, flexible wall units with bend sections for minerals and mobile flat belt conveyors for handling bags of animal feed.

Belt Conveyors

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