Training & Development

Our success as a company depends on the collective professionalism, commitment and skill of each of our employees.  We foster a climate which encourages superior performance, creativity, innovation and diligence amongst employees, enabling us to exceed our customers' expectations.

Training and development of staff is a key priority to ensure that people are able to undertake their roles in a competent, safe and efficient manner.  Training requirements are discussed and agreed between each person and their line manager.  Staff are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and highlight areas in which they feel they would benefit from further training in order to carry out their duties more effectively and with greater personal satisfaction.  This training can vary from relevant in-house training to attendance at conferences/seminars and external qualifications up to and including degree level.

Opportunity for Career Progression

While we are a manufacturing business, we employ people in a range of other areas such as design, finance, IT, purchasing and sales and thorough training is provided in all areas.  There are opportunities for career advancement within the company and we do all we can to help support and encourage people to progress.

Induction Training

On appointment, all new staff receive full induction training covering all company practises, procedures and policies.  The right of our employees to work in a safe environment is of paramount importance to Guttridge and all employees undergo a thorough health and safety induction along with further health and safety training according to their individual working environments.

New employees then embark on a full training program specifically built for each individual employee according to their role, department and work area.

Appraisal System

Guttridge has an appraisal scheme in which all employees receive twice yearly appraisals by their line manager with an initial appraisal for new starters three months after appointment.  Appraisals offer the opportunity to review the employee's performance, develop objectives and agree targets so that personal performance can be enhanced and training plans can be developed.

Ongoing Training

Training and development is ongoing throughout employees' careers and is not just limited to new starters.  Staff are constantly offered the opportunity to attend internal and external training to keep them up to date with contemporary practises and policies.

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