Cement Conveyor bound for Albania

With over 50 years in the bulk materials handling industry, Guttridge has been experiencing an ever-increasing demand for our equipment and services in overseas markets and a recent delivery to a cement factory in Albania is an interesting example of this.

Heavy duty requirement
The requirement was for a heavy duty chain conveyor capable of working with very abrasive material for one of the largest cement producers in Albania.  Cement is produced when mixtures of limestone, minerals and other additives are burned at high temperatures in a specialised rotary kiln.  The raw material mixing with hot air creates a chemical reaction, producing clinker, a material consisting of marble-sized pellets and small particles of a similar size to sand.  The clinker is then transported from the kiln, cooled, finished and then finally ground into fine particles for bagging.

Guttridge building

About Guttridge

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