Compact discharge-to-mixer powder processing at Cadbury

Guttridge's powder handling equipment has overcome a space shortage and met the exacting efficiency demands of a new chocolate process line

Cadbury asked Guttridge for a hopper/elevator combination that would:

  • Hold 600 litres of cocoa powder in the hopper, tipped from 25kg bags
  • Discharge powder to a mixer on a 'first-in first-out' basis at a controlled rate, with minimum operator intervention
  • Eliminate the bridging and product build-up that can often occur when cocoa powder is handled
  • Minimise airborne dust
  • Satisfy ATEX requirements for a Zone 22 environment
  • Fit into the limited available floor space

The right solution

A Guttridge Bulkflo unit - a combination of mobile hopper and screw elevator - was supplied to satisfy all of the above requirements. A number of additional optional features were incorporated into the design, notably a '2B' satin stainless steel finish and rounded corners in the hopper, to eliminate product build-up and bridging.

The cocoa powder is discharged from the hopper by horizontal, variable pitch screw. A frequency inverter enables fine-tuning of the discharge rate, whilst a low level probe linked to an audible alarm provides a signal for hopper refill.

A rigid screw elevator, close-coupled to the hopper discharge screw, feeds the cocoa powder to the mixer at a height of 2 metres.

The elevator's steep 70 degree incline ensures that the whole system takes up the smallest possible amount of floor space - a key Cadbury requirement.

The equipment can be stripped down in minutes, thanks to the use of quick-release clamps and slip-fit joints. Cleaning and reassembly is then a simple matter. In fact, just one tool is required to achieve complete system dismantling and rebuild for routine cleaning.

Impressive results

We couldn't be more pleased with this unit. It gives us all the performance we require, is simple to operate and can be cleaned-down quickly for maximum efficiency. It's a valuable component of the new processing line and yet takes up little space on the shop floor.

Pete Dando

Senior Project Engineer at Cadbury

Put us to the test

Cadbury initially took up Guttridge's offer of an on-site demonstration unit. This enabled them to test the equipment in a realistic environment.

This is one way that our customers can reduce the risks often associated with capital investment and where appropriate, we would actively encourage any of our customers to do the same.

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