Guttridge and Carier grain handling equipment supplied to Gardiner Farm Equipment

With the harvest now safely gathered into storage, many farmers across the UK are reflecting on how their grain handling equipment performed, and assessing the need for an upgrade.

“Reliability is absolutely critical when it comes to harvest, and the post-harvest period is an ideal time for an honest assessment of on-going needs,” said Mr Humphrey Gardiner, Managing Director, Gardiner Farm Equipment Ltd.

Gardiner Farm Equipment Ltd (Lisburn, Northern Ireland), an integrated supplier of agricultural equipment, relies on competitively priced conveyors from Guttridge Ltd to meet customer requirements for grain handling. Bucket elevators and screw conveyors from the Carier range are optimally matched to individual requirements for on-farm grain handling while heavier duty applications are met by machines from the Guttridge range. Supported by a rapid and responsive aftersales service, uniquely using genuine Carier spares, these solutions deliver exceptional reliability over decades of use.

“We have been supplying Carier conveyors for many years now,” said Mr Gardiner. “The price/performance ratio of these machines is excellent. Furthermore their inherent durability, in combination with the application expertise and spares service provided by Guttridge, means that customers can enjoy excellent reliability with machines that are 20 and 30 years old.”

Guttridge bought the Carier brand in 2004 and Carier designs now form part of Guttridge’s extensive range of equipment for grain handling. Gardiner Farm Equipment Ltd offers a full range of machinery to meet agricultural requirements for grain handling, mill mixing plant and meal feeding and storage. With throughputs in the range 20 to 120 teph, Carier machines are chosen for the vast majority of relatively light duty on-farm grain handling applications.

“Where we need high throughput machines, for small commercial milling plants, for example, we favour the heavier duty Guttridge range of bucket elevators, screws, and chain and flight conveyors,” continued Mr Gardiner. “These have a higher specification and provide excellent reliability in industrial applications. The support that Guttridge supplies in helping us to design and specify the best machine for the job is impressive, and valuable.”

The Guttridge range includes bucket elevators, screw and chain conveyors for throughputs up to 600 teph. It is specified to meet the needs of the general industrial, animal feed milling and heavy duty commercial grain storage markets. Machines are available in painted carbon steel, stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised finishes for indoor and outdoor applications.

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