Guttridge Bulk Bag Discharger helps improve production system

Inter Link Foods in Blackburn, one of the country's leading cakes and pastries manufacturers, wished to change the core ingredient for the production of a smooth fondant mix. Instead of using traditional block fondant, it was decided to use British Sugar's Celebration Sugar. The change would speed up the production time and create a better final product.

The Requirements

Inter Link Foods wanted a machine that would:

  • Keep the factory environment spotless and maintain strict hygiene levels.
  • Ensure downtime was at a minimum by having an easy-to-clean machine.
  • Increase production time by minimising manual labour.

The Machine

After consultation between the Guttridge sales team and Inter Link Foods factory managers it was decided a bulk bag discharger with a Bulkflo screw elevator system would be ideal.

One-tonne bulk bags of sugar are lifted onto the Guttridge discharger and the sugar is dropped into a Bulkflo hopper/elevator. It is then elevated into a jacketed mixing vessel. An inlet spigot connects the neck of the bulk bag with the screw elevator ensuring a dust-free working environment and maximum cleanliness. Inter Link Foods' Craig Mayo says: "We need to keep down time to a minimum, so we're delighted with the rapid cleaning times that we can achieve."

Guttridge pride themselves on their willingness to customise machines to suit a customer's precise needs:

  • Rigid screw conveying and elevating systems in a modular format
  • Quick release designs allows fast dismantle for cleaning
  • Stainless or mild steel construction finished to suit any requirement
  • Options for easy discharge of difficult products
  • Dust control systems for COSHH compliance
  • Integrated hoist systems for easy handling
  • Ideal for handling powders, flakes, pellets or granules with minimal degradation
Guttridge building

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