Guttridge manufacture Screw Discharger for Pharmaceutical company

Anyone who has worked within the pharmaceutical industry will know that immaculate hygiene standards are a must. Therefore when a leading pharmaceutical company approached Guttridge with plans to purchase a new screw discharger, Guttridge were well aware of the high standards expected.

The client's factory manager contacted Guttridge with a number of particular machine requirements:

  • Stainless steel construction to comply with hygiene standards and increase longevity
  • The machine would have to be high specification, and able to remain leak free at pressures of 35mbar
  • An easy-to-clean machine to eliminate down time and allow for rapid product changeovers
  • Atex Zone 21 use

Following consultation between Guttridge and the potential customer it was decided an Augaflo 150 would be ideal. The high-spec machine features nitrogen purge seals, easy release inspection ports and polished finish. The electric motor and all interlock switches comply with Zone 21 uses as specified.

Guttridge offer a unique, high quality product range with many possible applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, their conveyor and elevator systems are widely used for feeding auger filling machines, mixers, reactors and other processing and packaging machinery. Important features include quick release systems to allow complete dismantle of machinery for cleaning - usually accomplished in just a few minutes. Dust containment is also an important option, often specified on bag tip stations such as the Easyflo and Bulkflo mobile screw elevators.

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