Guttridge supply Carier™ Grain Handling Equipment for new Grain Handling Project.

Guttridge's experience and reputation of manufacturing bulk material handling equipment has recently resulted in an order of Carier equipment for a new installation in the Farming Industry.

Working alongside the main contractor Chief Industries UK Ltd who designed the new plant and supplied a 75t/h dryer and a 100t/h aspirator for the project, Guttridge manufactured and supplied a range of Carier 100t/h conveyors and elevators all of which were installed at Kneesall Lodge Farm, part of the Thoresby Farming Estate.

Chief Industries UK Ltd have years of experience in the design and installation of grain handling facilities, from on-farm drying and storage to large port terminals and is the UK subsidiary of Chief Industries based in Nebraska, USA.

Choosing Guttridge to supply was a straightforward decision as the Carier brand is well known and respected in the UK.

This installation was particularly environmentally sensitive and we had to fulfil certain criteria with regard to noise emissions. As well as supplying our own equipment to within given limits we were confident that the CARIER range of equipment would fulfil our requirements and complement our own high standards.

Mark Temple

Global Sales Manager of Chief Industries  UK Ltd

Operating at 100tph material is fed into either of the 2 wet grain pits and is subsequently fed via chain and flight conveyor onto an inclined conveyor which feeds the aspirator pre-cleaner removing dust, chaff, husks, awns and material lighter than the grain. From this point material is transported vertically by a belt and bucket elevator where it passes through a diverter valve and into the dryer with any overflow returned via a horizontal conveyor to the wet grain pit.

Dry product is then fed onto an inclined chain and flight conveyor which supplies the second belt and bucket elevator. As before material passes through a second divertor valve (same duty) and is then delivered onto an inclined conveyor onto the final 6000t store and bulk outload conveyor.

Although a relatively simple operation, the Carier equipment provides a cost effective and reliable solution for this type of grain handling system.

Specifically built for grain handling and storage on farms the Carier range is a key component of Guttridge product ranges. Offering low whole life cost, the Carier range of conveyors and elevators is designed for throughputs between 40-100tph of cereals.

Suitable for handling a wide range of free flowing and semi-free flowing products the Carier range has many applications throughout the Grain Industry.

All the equipment was successfully installed and commissioned by Chief UK, including the PLC control system.

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