Heygates boost capacity seven times

Heygates have used Guttridge conveyors, elevators and dischargers for many years and were pleased to specify Guttridge equipment for their latest expansion.

Heygates Ltd, the UK's largest independent country flour miller, has installed a new grain intake at its site in Tring, Hertfordshire. The equipment, built and supplied by Guttridge, has increased potential capacity at the site by nearly 700%.

The new intake has given Heygates the ability to bring grain into its plant at 400 tonnes per hour, compared to 55 tph previously. This has been made possible though a complete replacement system comprising intake screws, bucket elevators and chain conveyors.

The result

"Our main goal was to improve efficiency," says Paul Messenger, Heygates' Mill Manager. "We have achieved this by being able to turn delivery vehicles around more quickly. They can now get in and out in minutes. We don't have queues of lorries any more."

Another aspect of the efficiency improvement has come from the reliability of the new equipment. Heygates report that they have eliminated the leakage of grain that used to be a problem. They are also experiencing less downtime than before.

"Because we are moving grain, which can be abrasive, we need reliable machines," says Paul Messenger. "I visited a site that had installed Guttridge equipment to feed into their wheat silo and was impressed by the build quality. Their use of heavy duty materials makes a big contribution to the longevity of the equipment."

We manufacture a wide range of machinery designed to suit the needs of the flour milling and general feed and pet food industries.

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