Mobile plant brings efficiency to wood fuel processing

A portable containerised system was designed and manufactured by Guttridge for processing raw wood chips and converting into premium wood pellets using Guttridge trough screw conveyors, screw dischargers and bucket elevators.


A portable containerised system for processing raw wood chips and converting them into premium wood pellets.


  • The conveyors, elevators and dischargers needed to be robust enough to cope with the tough raw wood chips
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Needed to be transported from one site to another
  • The materials handling machinery needed to be customised to fit into some very confined spaces.


  • Several Guttridge units including 4 bucket elevators, 5 trough screw conveyors and 2 tapered screw dischargers were specified.
  • The machine layout was fully modelled in 3D by Guttridge designers to ensure accurate fit and function in the confined space available.
  • A modular containerised system that can be disassembled, relocated and reinstalled at another site within a week.
  • Robust construction
  • Quick release clamps for speedy and minimal maintenance
  • Quick connections for all the electrics
  • The equipment is mounted in containers that provide a stable base even in woodland areas.
  • Relatively small footprint to fit in tight spaces.

The Result

"The fact that the whole processing plant can be housed in containers is vital," says Biojoule's Philip Harrison. "It enables us to move the plant to where it's needed, rather than rely on permanent facilities which often can't be economically justified".

"It also means that by taking the plant to the raw material, we remove the cost and the environmental impact of transporting huge quantities of wood chip over great distances."

Guttridge building

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