Rentokil keep coming back for more

Guttridge, the Spalding based powder handling specialists, have recently supplied ?18,000 worth of equipment to Rentokil's chemicals packaging factory at Kirkby, Liverpool. Guttridge equipment has been specified by Rentokil since their 1995 factory upgrade, these further orders bring the value of equipment supplied to a total of around ?85,000.


The application photographed shows a Guttridge Multiflo 100 tubular screw conveyor inclined at 37° and featuring an integral loading hopper with agitator - an agitator was necessary to ensure that materials with poor flow characteristics could be easily handled. The Multiflo conveyor discharges a Gardner ribbon mixer, elevating the mixed product to feed a Mateer Burt auger filling machine. The system is used to pack pesticides, rat poisons and other chemicals as part of Rentokil's packaging services, it replaces an old conveyor system that was unreliable, badly corroded and difficult to clean.

Key Features

  • Improved operator safety and makes compliance with COSHH requirements easier to maintain.
  • Ease of strip down for cleaning between batches - Guttridge's unique system of slip-fit screw connections and robust easy-release tube clamps allows staff to quickly and effectively clean all machinery down between batches with dramatic improvements to production downtime.
  • Increased production throughput.

Other Guttridge systems in use at Rentokil's Kirkby factory include Multiflo screw conveyors and Bulkflo screw elevators with integral loading hoppers mostly arranged to feed auger filling machines and form, fill & seal machines from bulk bag systems.

All Guttridge equipment is designed and manufactured at their works in Spalding using the most up to date 3D computer aided design and computer controlled manufacturing machinery and equipment. The company also manufacture special purpose machines designed to suit customers' particular specifications and requirements.

Guttridge building

About Guttridge

With a foundation of 50 years of experience, Guttridge is a flourishing company, globally respected for delivering well-engineered, reliable materials handling solutions that continue to anticipate dramatically changing industrial needs.