Honey Pot Grain reap the rewards of investing in a new Guttridge Silo Sweep Auger

Honey Pot Grain (Lincolnshire, UK), a centralised grain handling facility owned by the Openfield Group, has upgraded to a new Silo Sweep Auger  from Guttridge Ltd to improve the efficiency of their operations. A quick and painless installation has been followed by successful adoption, and Honey Pot Grain are now reaping the rewards of reliable silo emptying, an essential element of their day-to-day processes.

“Our original sweep auger was installed in the mid 1970s,” said Mr Simon Schaanning, Store Operations Manager for Honey Pot Grain. “Its reliability had become problematic and so we assessed the options for replacement. The Guttridge Silo Sweep Auger has recently come to market and is a strong, robust design. We’ve had good experience of Guttridge equipment elsewhere on the site and for us, a UK build and local support were major pluses. Guttridge efficiently installed the replacement sweep auger which has now proven its performance over several silo emptying operations.”

Honey Pot Grain is a centralised grain handling site that offers an integrated service to local farmers for drying and processing wheat, oil seed rape and malting barley. The facility has a total capacity of 30,000 tonnes and a peak daily intake capacity over the harvest period of 4,000 tonnes. Transferring grain is a routine aspect of daily operation, creating a requirement for efficient silo emptying machinery that can safely extract residual grain left in the silo as gravity transfer starts to fail.

The new Silo Sweep Auger from Guttridge Ltd is a robust, highly reliable machine for the automated emptying of grain silos. Galvanised steel construction reduces the risk of product contamination from flaking paint and maximises life in use. The patented, enclosed clutch and motor mechanism delivers high efficiency and reliability, and full length scraper blades ensure an efficient sweep even, as is the case with the Honey Pot Grain site, in the event of an uneven silo floor.

To find out more about the SIlo Sweep Auger, please Sweep Auger .

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