Tea production gets a refreshing efficiency boost from bulk bag dischargers

When Premier Foods wanted to streamline production of its Typhoo range of tea bags it called on Guttridge for a solution.

A transfer of production to its plant in Moreton, Merseyside, gave Premier Foods the opportunity to streamline production of its string-and-tag and tea bag lines. New equipment was needed to deliver traditional Typhoo Tea and fruit and herbal varieties to blending hoppers ready for the production line.

One of the challenges was the range of bag sizes used to deliver the tea varieties, which are sourced from around the world. As well as 200 kg and 400 kg bulk bags for most varieties, some herbal teas are delivered in 25 kg sacks.


Guttridge supplied eight bulk bag dischargers and 11 Easyflo mobile screw elevators. The bulk bag dischargers can be adapted to accommodate both sizes of FIBC bags, while the Easyflo's built-in sack support table can be used to take hand tipping from 25 kg sacks.

The advantages of Guttridge's modular approach meant that a 'bespoke' handling system could be developed simply by selecting appropriate features on the dischargers and elevators.


The Guttridge equipment provided an ideal solution. It's adaptable and can be thoroughly cleaned to prevent product cross-contamination when we change production from one tea variety to another.

Dave Berry

Engineering Projects Manager, Premier Foods

Modular options

We can tailor a discharge system to suit your material's characteristics. Options include:

  • Bag tensioning and massagers to ensure product flow
  • Manual or automatic hoists
  • Check sieves and weighing capability
  • Integrated bag closers
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