En-masse Elevators

Guttridge En-masse conveyor / elevators are designed for efficient handling of most granular and small lump materials. 

En-masse Elevators can be installed with bend sections enabling horizontal-to-vertical or horizontal-to-inclined configurations to be specified. In this continuous flow En-masse conveyor the material is moved slowly within the casing, as a core propelled by skeleton flights (in various forms depending on material) fitted to a base chain which is selected to suit the materials to be conveyed. 

The well proven Guttridge En-masse elevator is a versatile machine which can be configured in many different ways, making it ideal where material feed and factory layout restrictions apply.

Unrestricted Flow of Material

All steel split box construction, with precise laser cut flanges to provide accurate dust tight section joints. Manufactured in mild steel with painted or galvanised finish, optional stainless steel. The En-masse conveyor chain construction is single strand with welded skeleton flights of various types to suit the characteristics of the materials being handled. It is assembled with the flights projecting towards the outer wall of the casing.

Product is normally conveyed on the 'bottom' run of the casing.  This arrangement provides unrestricted flow of material at the outlet, a desirable feature in an En-masse conveyor. However, the principle of operation of the en-masse elevator precludes the machine being self cleaning, but provision of cleaning flights when required can improve the cleanliness of the en-masse elevator machine.  

Standard Features and Options

Some standard features and common options are listed below, but we can customise the En-Masse Elevator in many different ways to suit customer requirements. Please click a heading to display a photo and description.

En-masse Elevators