Bucket Elevators - Efficient, Cost-effective and Universally Popular

Sunday 01 April, 2012

Bucket Elevators - Efficient, Cost-effective and Universally Popular

Guttridge bucket elevators are used to handle a highly diverse array of materials across many different industrial sectors. From cereals and food products such as tea, coffee and rice, through industrial limestone, coal and fertilisers, to waste recycling materials including glass cullet, plastic bottles and wood chips/pellets, Guttridge elevators can be adapted and custom built to handle them all.

In a recent example for a limestone application we supplied heavy duty elevators capable of handling limestone in many different forms and of operating at temperatures up to 100 degrees C. For the food industry we have successfully modified our standard design to specifically match the flow properties of  tea and coffee.  These elevators for the food industry were supplied complete with extra access points to enable complete cleaning on a regular basis.

Elsewhere the recycling industry presents very different challenges with noteworthy orders going to a plastic bottle recycling company conveying shredded plastic and also  to a company  recycling glass. Here the elevators needed to be particularly robust in order to handle glass cullet. Buckets and wear points were specified to ensure extreme wear resistance.  Large, heavy duty, high capacity machines were designed and manufactured for handling high throughputs of gypsum at a power plant.

Throughout our 50 years in the bulk materials handling industry, we have gained a great deal of experience and appreciate the feedback from customers. This has enabled us to continuously develop all aspects of the bucket elevator range to include, for example the Guttridge self-clean elevator boot. This popular innovation provides the user with complete control over cross-contamination and can be manufactured as a direct upgrade to most elevator boots currently in use today. Into the future, bucket elevators are sure to retain their prominent position in the Guttridge range with further design developments continuing to reflect industrial trends.

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