Guttridge staff unite to define Company Values

Monday 21 September, 2015

Guttridge staff unite to define Company Values

Company values are more than just a set of empty words. Values must breathe into the working lives of all employees every single day and in every communication with fellow employees, customers and suppliers. They should form the solid bedrock of the organisation and really matter to company individuals.

Guttridge have recently been involved in the process of redefining our values to bring them up to date and in line with how we wish our company to be۝.

All employees were invited to take part in a Values workshop with an external facilitator. A group of volunteers from across all functions of the business gathered to brainstorm and record the qualities and characteristics that define Guttridge both as it is now and as they would like it to be going forward.

These characteristics were then grouped into distinctive divisions of similar traits leading to general qualities that the values should represent. Different teams of individuals from the focus group then discussed which key words were most appropriate for each set of qualities and how best the value could be worded taking into account all the ideas within the grouped characteristics.

Each of these prospective key words and values were then discussed with the entire group, with the resulting values agreed, as presented below:

Guttridge Values

Focus - We۪re focused on achieving success through our internal measures and processes to positively impact our customers. At Guttridge we celebrate success.

Integrity - We stand by our word: fair, honest. Always.

Respectful - Our customers are key; whether internal or external. By understanding their requirements we aim to provide products and services that exceed expectations.

Excellence - We strive for excellence in everything we do in order to continually improve.

Passion - Runs deep within Guttridge. Maintaining the traditions of a family run company that is fiercely protective of its reputation.

Trust - We trust each other to use initiative and take responsibility to do the right thing.

Every single quality and characteristic suggested during the brainstorm by all individuals involved is represented within these six Guttridge Values, making them uniquely Guttridge۝.

The Guttridge senior management team were impressed with the process and the resulting values and are keen to adopt them and make the values part of the everyday working culture.

Neil Storer, Quality Manager and one of the volunteers in the focus group, commented The whole process was extremely illuminating and exhilarating. The energy in the room during the final stages when the values were evolving before our eyes was tangible and everyone was genuinely excited by the ideas and principles that we had built. We wanted to involve our employees in the redefinition of our values at Guttridge to ensure that everyone is engaged and involved with making them a part of our working culture. As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we can now begin the process of incorporating these values into the Guttridge working way of life.۝

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