Four Conveyors That Have Earned Their Rightful Place in the Malting and Distilling Industry

Wednesday 24 June, 2015

Four Conveyors That Have Earned Their Rightful Place in the Malting and Distilling Industry

The efficient conveying of grain and malted grains is an important aspect of routine operation for many maltsters and distillers. As a result, choosing the right conveyor design is a crucial factor to maximise output and return on investment. Guttridge analyses four conveyor designs in turn and examines how they have each earned their rightful place in these industry. All types are able to start under load, enabling maintenance with minimal loss of throughput and rapid restart.  In addition, they are all available certified for installation in ATEX zones.

Bucket elevators

  • Ideal for vertical transportation of dry or wet grains.
  • Smooth operation with minimal product drag provides the most energy efficient means of elevating product available.
  • Automated monitoring preserves machine health, whilst reducing the need for manual checking and providing protection against source of dust explosion ignition.
  • Daily services and trouble free when correctly maintained adds considerable value over long term use.
  • Boot stand and cleaning slide arrangement available to facilitate easy clean-down as well as our unique self-clean floating boot arrangement.

En-masse Eleveyors

  • Ideal for both vertical and horizontal transport of dry grains and grist.
  • Relatively small cross section and run full, which allows no areas for dusty or explosive atmospheres to develop.
  • Can incorporate multiple bends to offer maximum suitability for planning in.
  • Narrow casing design enables use where there are space restrictions.
  • Cleaning flights normally fitted to
  • minimise product residue.
Chain Conveyors
  • Suitable for both wet and dry side applications.
  • Enclosed design minimises product spillages and dust control issues. 
  • Inhibits the movement of individual grains, thereby limiting the potential for damage.
  • Cost-effective over relatively long run lengths, reducing the need for multiple machines to transport material over significant distances.
  • Energy efficient operation and self-clean design.
Screw conveyors
  • Suitable for horizontal or inclined material transport in dry and wet side operation.
  • Comparatively low capital and maintenance costs on short machines without hanger bearings.
  • May be fitted with mesh lids for easy manual wash down or supplied with integral sprays for automatic cleaning to prevent wet, germinating grains being left in the machine compromising product quality and efficient operation.  

For a copy of this article, please download the Four Conveyors for Malting & Distilling pdf. 

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