COVID-19 Update

Monday 30 March, 2020

COVID-19 Update

• All office staff that can work from home, are now setup, and are carrying out their normal roles and responsibilities remotely.

• We remain open for business and colleagues are ready to engage. We have taken the necessary steps to develop and enable solutions that can be delivered remotely via phone, Skype, VPN, Microsoft Teams and other digital means. All lines of communication remain intact.

• We do have a very small number of office-based staff that are still on site. These are either providing a vital connection with our production staff or their role / responsibility cannot be carried out remotely.

• In the case of these individuals we have been able to spread them apart within the office space to comply with the advice on social distancing.

• With regards the production staff, we have identified any High-Risk Individuals and advised them to stay at home. The business with continue to financially support them.

• All remaining production staff have been split into two shifts. We now operate an early and a late shift running with representation across all production operations over both shifts. The shift times are such that there is a gap between the two to further reduce person to person contact.

• In a similar way to the office staff, members of production staff on each shift have been spread across the factory. Where possible each person retains their own working space.

• All staff that are present on-site are subject to ‘twice a shift’ temperature checks. Anyone found to have a fever will be isolated, checked for a second time and if they continue to have an elevated temperature, subsequently sent home.

• Our standard cleaning schedule has been enhanced, increasing the number of ‘clean downs’ to provide additional protection.

• Hand sanitiser and other disinfectants have been made available to all staff.

Finally, we are in daily contact with our key suppliers and have contingencies in place to respond if we find that we have a problem.

As we currently stand the business is operating at approx. 80% production capacity. Future orders will be planned and executed through our Spalding based facility and our supply chain is still strong.

Please call us on 01775 756300 if you have any further questions relating to the current situation. 

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