Guttridge for efficient biomass conveying

Thursday 27 June, 2013

Guttridge for efficient biomass conveying

The use of biomass for energy generation is increasing worldwide and biomass energy projects currently attract healthy government support here in the UK.  This is leading to a partial switch by some of the largest electricity generators to biomass fuel-stocks as well as an increasing demand for biomass stoves, boilers and anaerobic digesters.  Crucial to the successful operation of any biomass system is reliable transport of the feed, which is often an extremely complex challenge due to the wide diversity of biomass materials with very variable flow characteristics.

What is biomass?

Biomass is defined as biological material derived from living or recently living organisms.  The distinct classifications of potential fuel source include the following:

  • Virgin wood from forestry, woodland management or wood processing
  • Crops grown specifically as a source of energy 
  • Agricultural residues from harvesting or processing
  • Waste from food and drink manufacture
  • Waste and by-products such as sewage or olive cake

Factors influencing biomass handling machine choice

Biomass handling options from Guttridge ranges of machines include belt, chain and screw conveyors and bucket elevators, with the specification influenced by:

  • The capital and running costs of different designs
  • The distance over which the material is to be conveyed
  • Requirements for height changes
  • Material flow characteristics and other properties

Bespoke designs as well as standard machines for biomass handling

At Guttridge we supply a broad range of machines that will efficiently convey biomass, one of our core strengths being the ability to select, design and optimise handling systems that will successfully handle biomass materials with poorly defined flow characteristics.  We frequently specify and design custom built machines when these are warranted.

Please see the full biomass handling section for further details about the challenges of biomass handling and how Guttridge can meet these needs.

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