Guttridge expertise in specification of equipment for Biomass Fuels.

Friday 01 July, 2011

Guttridge expertise in specification of equipment for Biomass Fuels.

Guttridge supply conveying equipment to the Horse Racing Industry.

Following initial site evaluation for the installation of a conveyor system to handle stable waste Guttridge were concerned that the product in its unchopped form would be quite challenging. With the duty of the conveyor system required to convey semi dry stable litter at 2tph @ 250Kg/cu.m. Guttridge recommended utilising screw conveyors to deliver the material to the shredder.

The completed system utilises 4 conveyors to process stable waste from 71 horses on site to power a 650kW combined heat and power biomass boiler. Previously the stable waste was stored on site and removed at regular intervals. Now all the waste can provide both heat and power to the site, with excess power being sold back to the grid as electricity. Saleable electrical power up to 65kWe (gross) per hour and thermal energy up to 500kWe will be produced.
More Guttridge expertise in the specification of equipment for Biomass Fuels.

Guttridge has recently supplied a specified mix of conveying and elevating bulk handling equipment for the processing of olive cake for the co-firing of a power station.

Olive agriculture occurs throughout the world but is strongly focused on the Mediterranean, with Spain, Italy and Greece accounting for 97% of total production. Olives are grown in monocultures with annual yields ranging from 500 to 10,000 kg olives per hectare.

Olive residues consist of the crushed olive kernel, shell, pulp, skin, water and any remaining oil, and traditionally they are used for animal feed, as fertiliser, or they are disposed of in landfill or by incineration. Increasingly, olive processing plants are burning residues to produce heat to be used for processing. Olive residues are imported as a cake, expeller, or as pellets. The physical and energy characteristics of olive residue vary according to the method of processing. In this application the primary fuel is coal, co-fired with secondary wood pellets and olive cake.

Guttridge supplied a mix of bucket elevators, troughed screw conveyors and screw dischargers to handle olive cake with varied duties from 15-100tph.

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