Guttridge launch a new range of Centreless Screw Conveyors

Tuesday 01 March, 2011

Guttridge launch a new range of Centreless Screw Conveyors

As a leading UK manufacturer of bulk handling equipment Guttridge has added to its extensive range the Centreless Screw Conveyor as a solution for conveying material with difficult characteristics.

The new range will efficiently handle adhesive and wet materials such as pulp materials, waste sludge and soil that have the tendency to tangle with, or stick to a shafted screw conveyor. Highly abrasive materials including gravel, sand, cinder, crushed rock and materials with large or mixed size particles including wood chips, biomass, and paper are also handled with ease. The new range will also convey very delicate and flowing materials including powder, chemicals and ash.

The introduction of Guttridge Centreless Screw Conveyors facilitates a wide range of options in terms of direction and distance.  Available in either horizontal, inclined or vertical options they can provide high quality conveying up to very long distances and in comparison to other conveying options they offer lower investment and operating costs.

Innovative design features include the omission of a central shaft which allows higher filling rates and low speeds, making the Guttridge Centreless Screw Conveyor highly efficient with less wear and consequently less maintenance.  Additionally, uncomplicated operation with no end or intermediate bearings facilitates efficient and direct transfer of material and reduced requirement for major maintenance work.

Guttridge can also offer bespoke installations which can be designed and constructed for any unique application.



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