Guttridge Ltd publishes first white paper: The practicalities and economics of dust suppressionâ??

Friday 22 November, 2013

Guttridge Ltd publishes first white paper: The practicalities and economics of dust suppressionâ??

Guttridge Ltd has published its first white paper. ‘The practicalities and economics of dust suppression’ is an authoritative and practical guide for those tackling the critical issue of dust control during bulk material transfer. Jointly authored by Peter Guttridge, Chairman of Guttridge Ltd, and Ian Walton, from DSH Systems, a company that leads the world in innovative technology for dust suppression, the paper examines the HSE and economic issues associated with uncontrolled dust release, highlighting the capabilities of the Dust Suppression Hopper (DSH). It is available as a free download from the Guttridge website here.

The release of dust during bulk material handling procedures such as outloading, the transfer of a feed or product to a lorry or tanker, is recognised as a significant operational hazard at many sites and ports. Associated health and safety issues range from air and water contamination to the potential for explosion. Economic penalties include lost product and the manual effort required for clean-up. Telescopic bellows are a traditional choice for bulk outloading but have a number of limitations.

In the white paper, the authors examine the mechanism of dust release during the transfer of granular materials and the issues it creates. The advantages and limitations of telescopic bellows technology are discussed and the operating principles of the DSH are introduced. By concentrating a discharging stream of granular material into a densified, solid-like column that draws in any fine material, the DSH suppresses dust release at source. Example calculations illustrate the potential benefits of this technology and how it can deliver a substantial return on investment, as well as eliminating HSE concerns.

To read and download the white paper or for more information please visit the DSH product page.

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