How can you handle more materials without increasing space?

Thursday 08 February, 2018

How can you handle more materials without increasing space?

Businesses across the UK, in a whole range of different sectors and industries, are increasingly looking for ways to grow their output.

As was outlined in the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget speech, there is a huge drive to increase productivity in the UK following recent disappointing figures.

How can we help?

Here at Guttridge, we want to help our existing clients and other businesses to achieve their targets, and more and more frequently we are seeing customers wanting to – and more importantly needing to – improve their existing systems. Our key aim is to find the right solution for businesses to help them to realise their goal of being able to produce the maximum possible output within the right footprint.

In order to increase throughput, businesses need to use either larger machines or higher capacity machines. However, whilst a larger machine will tick the box for producing the maximum output possible, more often than not it will not tick the “within the right footprint” box. This is because, for existing, established businesses, the right footprint tends to be the same footprint as they have used before. Why is this? Quite simply because they have no alternative option.

Most companies have a limited sized site. Unless you have a greenfield site and invariably most businesses haven’t got a greenfield site, you have to fit the machines in and around your existing plant. Going from a 30 tonne per hour machine to a 60 tonne per hour machine, for example, is not just a straightforward doubling of size, because they still have the same limitations in terms of the site space.  So, what most businesses need is to get more output from the same footprint, or in other words to get more material through the same amount of space.

Doing this can be tricky enough with the custom machines that we create for our clients, and even more so with standardised machines that have not been created especially for that specific client and site. Because of this, and because every site is different, there is no one single solution to the problem.

We, therefore, work closely with our customers on a case by case basis to identify the right fix for their unique situation. A key part of this involves working around existing structures, machines and traffic routes, and above all offering a degree of flexibility in order to find the right resolution.

The solution, broadly speaking, inevitably involves upgrading or changing specifications. Sometimes this can be a relatively simple process, such as changing a driver and putting a bigger motor on the front. We say relatively simple, as although it is quite easy compared to installing a whole new machine, it is still a large task to undertake and involves changing some of the most expensive elements of the machine.

Innovative solutions for complicated problems

The good news is that we have deliberately made our machines the easiest to maintain in the industry, so making these changes are faster and easier with our machines than with standard machines. So, if you have a machine that was created by Guttridge, it will be easier and less costly to change that alternative machines.

However, it is not always the case that changes can be made to the existing machines to increase the number of materials they handle. In these scenarios, a whole new machine may be needed in order to handle the necessary increase in materials. In this situation, we will work for a hand in glove with you to ensure the custom-made machine will fit into the area needed and produce the amount of output that your business needs. 

So, if you need to increase your output, the first step is to give us a call so that we can assess what needs to be done.

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