Inspiring Future Engineers

Thursday 13 October, 2016

Inspiring Future Engineers

Attracting new talent in the engineering sector is very important and Guttridge are always looking at ways to achieve this.

For many years Guttridge have been working with the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) an Engineering Development Trust (EDT) programme who link students and local engineering companies to work on real live projects and problems. This opportunity provides young people with the experience to enhance their technical, personal and employability skills. This year, Guttridge have collaborated with the Spalding Grammar School to give six students a unique insight into the challenging world of bulk materials handling.

The students will complete a six month project involving designing and building a 6۝ Troughed Screw Conveyor to assess how different products flow around the hanger bearing, both horizontally and inclined.  The programme will be led by Guttridge Design Engineers, Louise Luck and Bethan Mcgeary, who are both eager to provide the students with hands-on work experience and develop their skills for future education and employment.


Noz Talukdar, Managing Director, commented,

Guttridge has participated in the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) for many years and this year we are delighted to be partnering with Spalding Grammar School.  As is reported widely in the UK, there is a significant shortage of people taking up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) vocations.  With the continued challenge on our country to create a balanced approach towards trade and innovation, alongside service organisations, we feel passionately about supporting and encouraging the next generation into an associated STEM career.  This can be both massively rewarding towards the individual student who gets to participate in real life engineering issues and also for our employees who lead, support and bring their own engineering experience to work directly with the team from the school.۝

It is vital that future engineers should be motivated and passionate at the earliest stage in their professional development and Guttridge are keen to enhance their passion and encourage their career choice. We have seen extremely encouraging results over the years from working with the EES and are working hard to ensure that young people are inspired to consider a career in engineering. 

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