Happy Lincolnshire Day!

Thursday 01 October, 2015

Happy Lincolnshire Day!

Today is Lincolnshire Day, celebrated every year on the 1st October. Guttridge are proud of their Lincolnshire heritage, having been based here since Dr David Guttridge founded the company in 1962.  Lincolnshire Day marks the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising, when Catholics revolted against Henry VIII۪s establishment of the Church of England in 1536.

Lincolnshire residents and those originally from the area, collectively known locally as yellowbellies۝ have celebrated on 1st October every year since 2006 when readers of Lincolnshire Life and BBC Radio Lincolnshire listeners voted for the date to commemorate the uprising.

Although the date is not yet widely known throughout the county, it is gaining popularity, and residents and ex-pats are starting to honour the date with a range of different activities, such as dressing in yellow, decorating their work place with Lincolnshire flags or holding local events.

Lincolnshire, known for its flat fens and magnificent big sky۝ sunsets and sunrises, has an intriguing history, being derived from the merging of the ancient Kingdom of Lindsey with the Danelaw borough Stamford.  The entire county was originally called Lindsey۝, as part of the three Parts of Lincolnshire۝ along with Kesteven in the south west and Holland in the south-east.   In 1974 most of Lindsey, Kesteven and Holland were merged to become Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Map 

Bordered on the east by the North Sea and The Wash, the county is made up partly by the Lincolnshire Fens and the Lincolnshire Wolds, officially recorded as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Stamford, a beautiful town located on the southern border, has over 600 listed buildings, more than half of listed buildings in Lincolnshire as a whole, and was rated the best place to live by the Sunday Times in 2013.



The first known settlement in the county city of Lincoln dates back to the first century BC, and around 50 AD the Romans settled and built a wooden fortress at the top of the hill, where the castle now stands, built from 1068 by William the Conqueror.  In 1215 a copy of the Magna Carta was brought to Lincoln and can now be seen in the castle.  This copy is still owned by Lincoln Cathedral and is one of four surviving copies of the document.

Lincoln Cathedral


From 1300 to 1549, when it was damaged in a storm, the central tower of the cathedral was the tallest building in the world!

Boston is well known as the town from which the pilgrims sailed in 1607 to the Netherlands to escape pressure to conform to the English Church.  Several of these pilgrims were among the group that sailed to New England in the Mayflower in 1620.

Boston "Stump"


We at Guttridge are based in Spalding on the edge of the Fens and are very proud of our Lincolnshire heritage, where we have been based since the company was founded by Dr David Guttridge in 1962.

We would like to wish you a Happy Lincolnshire Day!

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