Low temperature and lean volume cleaning system (LOWTEV)

Saturday 20 August, 2011

Low temperature and lean volume cleaning system (LOWTEV)

LOWTEV (Low Temperature and Lean Volume Cleaning System) is a completely new approach to cleaning conveyor belts. The system is being developed by a Pan European team led by Guttridge and supported by the EC Framework Programme 7, Research for SMEs.

This new approach will offer significant benefits to the food industry in the areas where bakery and confectionary, salads and sandwiches, fruits and vegetables and cooked and uncooked meats have a demand for stringent cleaning of conveyor belts.

Reducing energy requirements and labour in comparison to standard methods, the LOWTEV system uses ultrasound to remove bacteria. The system reduces cleaning water volume by 60-80% leading to an estimated 10% overall reduction of site waste water discharges and in addition less energy as the water used is at an ambient temperature.

This new technology will bring significant advantages; delivering effective CIP (cleaning in place) against biofilms, bacteria and foodstuff contamination (including allergic proteins) and in many instances the technology will not require detergent to perform the cleaning process effectively.

The first round of the EU grant aid was used to develop the prototype and the technology. In December 2010 Guttridge applied for a Demonstration Grant under the 2nd round of funding, if successful this will help to commercialise the developed technology. We have enlisted three Validation Partners (VPs) for the Demonstration Grant; these are Samworth Brothers (UK), Tulip Ltd (UK) and Narpak (Turkey).  We are currently waiting to hear if our application has been successful.

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