Powder Flow Tester

Saturday 18 December, 2010

Powder Flow Tester

Guttridge Limited has installed a Brookfield Powder Flow Tester in its laboratory which will enable quick characterisation of powders and other particulate materials. The precision instrument uses scientifically proven tests such as "Flow Function test" and "Wall Friction test" to characterise the powder and provide information on its flow behaviour.

These tests provide the company with in-depth knowledge about the material and how we can design conveying machine to optimise flow. Using the quick tests on the powder flow tester, we can immediately provide you with information on the best machine for your conveying needs. A typical application of these results would be in the design of hoppers which are used to feed materials into conveying systems.

These results provide us with information on hopper half angles and minimum outlet dimensions for mass flow and core flow hoppers. The characteristics can also be used to determine the machine specifications such as screw pitch in a screw conveyor and chain flight profile in a chain conveyor for different materials.


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