Product Focus - Screw conveyors

Thursday 08 March, 2012

Product Focus - Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are an essential part of many conveying and storage systems dealing with powdered or granular materials.  Being simple and robust in design and easily maintained, they provide low cost versatile handling equipment with many applications in manufacturing and processing factories.
50 years of technical knowledge and experience
Guttridge technical staff draw upon on 50 years of technical and operational company experience to provide high quality advice and assistance to clients and there are very few materials we have no experience of handling. There are many screw configurations available today and many design parameters that need to be varied to produce a cost-effective and efficient design of screw conveyor.  We offer an unrivalled approach to design and specification which ensures that our machines are built to perform to the client’s requirements, are competitively priced and are manufactured to the highest standards of build quality and specification.
Therefore, in addition to our standard range, we are able to design custom-built screw conveyors to suit any customer’s individual application.
Industry Sectors
Guttridge screw conveyors are in operation in many different industry sectors handling a huge variety of bulk materials:
Foods – flour, rice, tea, sugar, milk powder, herbs, spices, miscellaneous powders, flakes and granules
Animal feeds and Cereals – wheat, barley, corn, oil seeds, miscellaneous feed ingredients and products, meals, pellets and flakes

Chemicals and Minerals – cement, sand, glass cullet, flyash, limestone, ores, coal, salt, fertilisers, acetate, sewerage, fine and course powders, flakes and granules
Biomass, Waste and Recycling - wood pellets, waste plastic, shredded rubber, waste vegetable matter
General Options
A number of general options are available;

 • Special flighting (see below)
 • Intermediate inlets/outlets
 • Rotation Sensor
 • Packing seal glands
 • Special bearing arrangements
 • Drop bottom doors for easy cleanout
 • Intermediate support wear strips
 • Stainless steel construction
 • Galvanised or alternative paint colours
 • Air flap for grinder discharge applications
 • Jacketed trough or tubes
 • Special high or low temperature environments
 • Specially designed and fabricated machines to suit clients’ particular requirements

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