Self-Clean Elevator Boot

Thursday 01 December, 2011

Self-Clean Elevator Boot

Bucket elevators represent one of the most popular systems for elevating bulk materials in use today. 

However, precise recipes defined to modern standards do not tolerate the level of cross-contamination that can occur in a standard design of bucket elevator.
Our Self-Clean Elevator Boot design overcomes these traditional short-comings in a very compact and cost-effective way.

This well-established and proven design features a two-piece transition arrangement with seals and can be manufactured as a direct upgrade replacement for most proprietary elevator boots in current use.

Belt tensioning is automatic using pre-set pneumatic cylinder pressure.  The belt alignment and bucket-to-base clearance are manually set to suit individual production requirements.  General boot maintenance and belt tensioning are virtually eliminated after initial commissioning with only minimal amounts of residual material remaining after production runs.  An optional compressed air purge is available to remove any remaining material, along with flexible flaps to further reduce residual material.

  • Complete control over cross-contamination
  • Automatic belt tensioning to a pre-set tension
  • Constant bucket-to-base clearance for minimal material residue
  • Can be retrofitted to most proprietary elevator boots in current use
  • Optional air purge and flexible "wiper" blade removes remaining material residues
  • Cost-effective upgrade avoids the need to replace the complete elevator
  • Available in mild steel with a galvanised or painted finish as well as stainless steel

Ideal for handling meals, cereals, pellets, extruded products, fertilisers, chemicals, minerals and many other products in common use today.

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