Supporting our Local Community with Imagineering

Tuesday 23 July, 2019

Supporting our Local Community with Imagineering

Here at Guttridge Ltd we pride ourselves in supporting our community and in particular the local school children, some of whom we hope will be future engineers.

IMAGINEERING is a concept founded in 1999 by a group of engineers in the Midlands who were concerned at the rapidly increasing skills shortage in engineering:
“A new initiative, designed to introduce 8-16 year olds to the fascinating world of engineering and manufacturing through fun, hands-on personal experience, targets the engineers of the future at a young age, develops and holds their interest and hopefully, encourages them to consider engineering as a future career.”

The initiative aims to teach primary and secondary level children the basics of engineering and adapt that learning into completing exciting projects in after school clubs.

Guttridge Ltd has been supporting this brilliant concept since 2015. Currently eleven of our employees are involved in tutoring the Year 8 children at Spalding Academy through these projects and help them understand how engineering is important in everyday life, not just in the factory environment. They learn to use tools and equipment safely whilst building the kits that Imagineering supply and visit our workshop to produce a dinosaur from our Laserfab cut pieces.

Projects are very varied and a selection of them can be seen in our reception area including a BMFA Dart, a Steady Hand Game, a Fuse tester, a Moisture Sensor, a Radio, a micrometer and the ultimate Imagibot !! Our Laserfab dinosaur shows you just how accurate our cutting is!  

We hope that these budding engineers will return to work at Guttridge Ltd in the future! 

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