Why take unnecessary risks?

Thursday 25 August, 2011

Why take unnecessary risks?

A new focus on the Guttridge food and pharmaceutical range

Guttridge are aiming to further develop their capability in the food and pharmaceutical range of equipment and Solutions services.  Currently expert in the field of providing individual, bespoke stainless steel machines designed and manufactured to exact specification, Guttridge now have access to top of the range testing facilities on site that allows them to run all materials through their test plant and quantitatively measure powder flow characteristics to ensure that the exact solution to a customers’ powder handling requirements can be calculated.  This takes out many of the risks faced by companies when searching for powder handling machinery and removes a lot of the assumptions upon which machine specification has been historically based. 
Example One

A system that included a screw discharger with hopper for storing and feeding powder ingredients in to packing line.  In order to achieve the desired production rate; the customer needed to discharge the full contents of the material within the mixer above so it could start its next mixing cycle. The material was a non-free flowing powder and it was therefore essential for Guttridge to determine minimum arching dimension and hopper angle in order to maximise storage capacity and ensure efficient/constant feed to the All-Fill machine.
Example Two

A second example is a system comprised of a big bag discharge station and feed conveyor to discharge ammonium sulphate into a dissolving tank. The product whilst reasonably free flowing can become cohesive if it is allowed to absorb moisture from the air. The tests enabled both the customer and Guttridge Ltd to work together and form a solution that resulted in bags with liners, vibration to assist discharge from the bag as and when necessary and a fixed shaft screw to ensure effective discharge of the product into the tank with an isolation valve on the outlet to minimise moisture entering the system.
In addition...

Guttridge have plans to improve and expand their product range so that they will be able to offer greater capabilities, providing the customer with one point of responsibility for the whole project.
For further information and more detail about our testing facilities, please visit www.guttridge.co.uk/solutions.
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