Designed to save your money

Monday 20th August, 2018

At Guttridge, we design and build our machines with the customer in mind. Not only do we consider longevity, ease of installation and reliability but we understand that these machines need to be easy to maintain. Key to this is that most of our machines are not simply “off-the-shelf” solutions.
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Why Spalding is such a fantastic place to live and work

Thursday 8th March, 2018

Here at Guttridge, we think that Spalding and the surrounding area is a wonderful place to live, visit, relax, raise children and work. Of course, we’re biased, having been based here for over 50 years we’re going to say that we love the town. But there are lots of reasons to love Spalding, the county of Lincolnshire and this part of the UK. 
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Important Update

Thursday 1st March, 2018

Due to the weather conditions in Lincolnshire, we are short staffed in both the offices and factory this week. Please contact the relevant person by email or phone and we will return your query as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. [LATEST UPDATE 08/02/2018: workflow back to normal] 
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How can you handle more materials without increasing space?

Thursday 8th February, 2018

Businesses across the UK, in a whole range of different sectors and industries, are increasingly looking for ways to grow their output. As was outlined in the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget speech, there is a huge drive to increase productivity in the UK following recent disappointing figures. 
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How we aim to minimise the risk of explosion from dust

Wednesday 31st January, 2018

Dust is a huge problem for many of our clients. A lot of people don’t realise this, but flour and other fairly ordinary materials can become combustible and explosive when they’re in a dust format and the presence of this dust means that there is a constant risk of danger. 
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Lamma Show 2018

Thursday 18th January, 2018

We've had an amazing first day at the final LAMMA show 2018. 
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