Carier Bucket Elevator

Carier Bucket Elevators are aimed primarily at the commercial grain store and large farm markets where the requirement is for intensive use during the harvest period and light use throughout the remainder of the year. Other typical applications include the general light industrial market.

A rigorous design process has optimised throughput whilst minimising cost, but without compromising build specification. This popular range of bucket elevators offers throughputs of 40, 60, 80 and 100tph of wheat.

Carier bucket elevators are designed for outdoor use

Supplied in galvanised finish as standard, this new range incorporates the latest in high efficiency bucket design to give big throughputs in a small casing size. The reduced inlet and outlet depths, together with the double leg option, make the planning of these elevators into existing stores much easier. Shaft mounted gearmotor drives provide an efficient, low maintenance and compact drive arrangement.

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The Carier range currently includes bucket elevators, chain conveyors, angleveyors, intake pits, slipform belt conveyors and a range of spouting, fittings, slide valves and diverter valves.