Custom Heavy Duty Screw Conveyor

As well as effectively conveying most free flowing and semi-flowing materials, screw conveyor specifications are easily tailored to suit the following:

•Greasy, oily products
•Materials prone to fluidisation
•Aggressive, wet, cold or hot environments
•Abrasive materials
•Damp or “sticky” materials

Many of these materials require custom-built heavy duty screw conveyors and the ability to build bespoke machines to suit individual customer requirements is a speciality of Guttridge.  Our 50 years of experience enable our knowledgeable, skilled, sales and design engineers to determine the specification of each machine to enable it to carry the material efficiently and economically.  In addition, our material testing plant will supply data that our material flow specialists are able to analyse so that we can confidently design and manufacture machines that do the job they are supposed to do, even when the material is “new” or of a different structure to that previously handled.  

Screw conveyors can be used for general distributing of bulk materials as well as for intake and silo/hopper discharge applications.  

Typical heavy duty applications include sugar, aggregates, high grain throughputs, cement, minerals, waste and biomass handling systems for power stations.