Custom Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor

Building on our highly successful standard chain conveyor design, Guttridge heavy duty chain conveyors are constructed using stronger, more resistant chain and materials. 

They are manufactured to meet individual precise customer requirements on a custom-built basis.  Typical applications requiring heavy duty machines include aggregates, minerals, some waste products, abrasive or corrosive chemicals and some recycling applications.

Guttridge engineers have extensive knowledge, built up over our 50 year history, of the conveying requirements of most materials and our state of the art testing facility including a powder flow tester, enables our sales and design engineers to specify and formulate the specification and precise dimensions to enable every machine to carry out the function it will be required to do.

Examples of heavy duty chain conveyors include a conveyor custom built for a cement plant in Albania.  The machine was built with a thick, heavy duty casing, drop forged chain and hardox wear plates.  In addition, the conveyor was fully enclosed to minimise the product loss and health and safety issues relating to the problem of dust control. 
A completely different problem was experienced by the recycling plant of a well-known supermarket requiring a conveyor to transport waste from fresh produce trays.  This waste consisted of decaying fruit and vegetables, plastic and other packaging material that was left in the trays after they had been emptied on to the shop floor.  The belt conveyor currently in operation was unable to transport the waste efficiently due to the material getting caught up beneath the belt, leading to a lot of down time.  The easily maintained Guttridge chain conveyor was built to a very high duty to power through the waste and packaging, the paddles moving the product forcibly along.  Large, completely enclosed chains ensured that the waste material is consistently moved through the conveyor and the scraping motion of the paddles eliminated carry back, minimising down time and keeping the conveyor operational at all times.  

Both these machines were custom built to suit the individual customer requirements successfully.