Troughform Outlet Valves

With a Troughform outlet, closure plates maintain a continuous curved trough when closed, eliminating the dead pocket of material that occurs with a conventional flat shutter conveyor outlet. The closure plates are usually controlled electro-pneumatically, with limit switches for status indication and a solenoid valve for actuation. Automatic closure in the event of power failure is a standard feature.The problem of material residue around discharge outlets can be tackled by our Troughform outlet.  

Available as an option on:

Screw Conveyors 

Superflow Chain Conveyors 

“We know that the build-up of material around traditional slide outlets in curved trough conveyors can be a problem,”

“So following our acquisition of Carier, we now offer the patented Troughform outlet system. It practically eliminates product residue and the resulting cross contamination that causes so many problems for users.”

Can be Varied to Suit Customer Requirements

Our valves are designed to handle a variety of different materials in many environments and the materials of construction and finish can be varied to suit customer requirements.

Standard Features and Options

The uniquely designed Troughform outlet works with a number of Guttridge products and can be designed to suit customer's exact needs. Please click a heading below to display a photo and details.