Screw Dischargers & Feeders

Guttridge Screw Bin Dischargers and Screw Feeders are primarily aimed at the animal feed milling, petfoods and general industrial markets, including biomass, waste and recycling. Examples from this popular, well-established range are operating in many processing plants across the world, handling many different types of bulk materials.

In general most free flowing powders, grains, flakes and pellets can be discharged from a bulk bin or bulk hopper with a screw type discharger.

Material Flow Analysis

To handle materials with poor flow characteristics, features such as steep hopper walls, multiple screws, special flight configurations, agitators or other devices may be needed to promote material flow. Let us analyse your material for its flow properties, so that we can predict the performance of our machinery more accurately.

Discharge rates are controlled by varying the flight diameter, pitch and speed. Bin outlet lengths up to 5m or so can be accommodated and we usually specify a tapered screw with matching tapered trough and/or variable pitch flighting. This promotes an even discharge of material over the length of the hopper outlet. Multiple screw systems allow for steeper hopper walls and screw diameters of between 150mm and 400mm are available. All machines are tailored to suit the customer's exact requirements, essential for effective bin or hopper discharge.