Sieveflo Mobile Screw Elevator with Check Sieve

The Sieveflo is a mobile screw elevator with an integral loading hopper and vibratory sieve screening section. It is a variant of the popular Easyflo mobile screw elevator, but with a check sieve section built into the hopper, it therefore shares all the advantages of the Easyflo with the added benefit of a vibratory sieve screen to police materials as they enter. This makes the Sieveflo a uniquely compact 3-in-1 machine - perfect for sack emptying, screening for foreign objects (paper, string, oversize lumps etc) and elevating into processing or packaging machinery. The assisted feed action from the rotating paddle in the hopper base makes the Sieveflo ideal for handling a huge range of materials - those with poor flow characteristics or those which compact or bridge easily, as well as very free flowing materials and general powder handling applications.      

Key Features

The Sieveflo is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance - a unique easy release clamping system is used to connect the outer screw tubes, whilst slip-fit joints connect the screw sections. The system is robust and ideal for regular wet or dry cleaning regimes - essential in today's modern factories.

The sack support table swings up to allow easy access to the sieve screen for cleaning and maintenance. Manufactured with contact parts in 316 stainless steel.      

Standard Features and Options      

Some standard features and common options are listed below, but we can customise the Sieveflo in many different ways to suit customer requirements. Please click on a heading below to display a photo and details.