Silo Sweep Auger

The Guttridge Silo Sweep Auger is built for flat bottomed silos primarily in farm stores and commercial grain and seed stores where the requirement is for intensive use during the harvest season and lighter use for the rest of the year. It can also be used in lighter industrial applications. Once approximately 90% of the silo has been emptied by gravity discharge, the sweep auger rotates through 360 degrees around the base of the silo from the central motor unit, reclaiming easy flowing material and thus alleviating the requirement for the unpleasant and often unsafe task of manually shovelling the residual material from the base of the silo.

Fully encased and supported

All moving parts of the machine other than the screw are fully encased thus protecting the machine from the weight of the material when the silo is full. The machine is supported by the main drive unit structure which bolts to the gravity outlet in the centre of the silo and the beam structure along the length to the drive wheel. In addition, for larger silos, the auger is supported by a series of beam support wedges. 

Low maintenance requirement

The Guttridge silo sweep auger incorporates a fully enclosed, simple clutch mechanism that controls the torque to the drive wheel. This enables the drive wheel to turn in a controlled manner, pushing forward through the material steadily so that there is minimal slippage and less wear on the drive unit, improving the life of the machine and reducing the maintenance requirement.

Built to last with lower lifetime cost

The standard Guttridge silo sweep auger is available for the two most common silo sizes – 36ft and 48ft but can be adjusted to accommodate other silo sizes or throughput. The auger is capable of handling throughputs of up to 120tph. The fully covered centre drive unit and advanced clutch mechanism are bolted rather than welded for improved strength and reliability – the sweep auger is built to last with a lower lifetime cost. Full length paddle blades that help to clear the base of the silo of the residual material are optional.