Brewing & Malting Handling

Defining conveying requirements for the brewing and malting industries

The flow characteristics of the grain-based feedstocks handled by brewers can vary substantially due to changes in:

  • Moisture content
  • Extent of degradation
  • Grain structure - induced by malting

Durability is a prerequisite for this industry and throughputs tend to be relatively high. Noise can be key concern for what are often long-established companies in urban centres. Preserving the integrity of malted grains is important for many applications and the dustiness of process streams makes containment an issue.

Grain and maltings conveyors from Guttridge

Guttridge solutions for conveying and elevating brewing grains and maltings centre on heavy duty, slow-running machines that provide quiet, gentle and consistent transport. Slow running extends machine life as well as avoiding product damage.

Brewing & Malting Handling