Oilseeds & Extraction Handling

Conveying requirements for the oilseed processing industry

Seeds that are routinely processed include those with high oil content such as rape and sunflower, and harder materials such as soybean and cottonseed. Typically seeds are:

  • Free-flowing, to the extent of requiring careful control
  • Oily
  • Relatively delicate

Preventing uncontrolled crushing maximises process productivity and reduces the extent of oil release in the conveying equipment, enhancing operational reliability.

Post processing oil cake is handled as either a waste stream or more profitably as a fuel. Like other sources of biomass this material exhibits variability, depending on the oil extraction process applied and the extent of microbial degradation. Please refer to the Biomass page for more information on conveying solutions for this waste stream. 

Oilseeds & Extraction Handling