Port Handling Facilities/Equipment

Defining requirements for port handling facilities

Reliable, high throughput, flexible handling facilities at ports safeguard the global flow of dry bulk commodities required for daily life. Fast, efficient bulk material transport is an essential aspect of daily operation and critical for effective and profitable port management. Dry bulk cargos that are handled routinely range from grain, fertiliser and other agri-chemicals to coal, cement, chemicals and biomass. Flow characteristics can differ markedly from one material to another, and materials may be corrosive and/or abrasive.

Outstanding equipment reliability avoids the rapidly escalating costs associated with under utilised shipping capacity. High throughput results in faster ship unloading and loading, increasing operational productivity. The flexibility to operate continuously, with a number of different loader or unloader designs, may be critical. Cleanliness is also a pre-requisite, especially in ports that operate close to population centres.

Port handling equipment from Guttridge

Guttridge has the expertise, engineering and manufacturing resource, and product range needed to be a strong partner in major port handling facility projects. All aspects of a dry bulk cargo handling installation can be efficiently addressed, from project scoping and management through bespoke equipment manufacture to on-site commissioning. Guttridge is both skilled and experienced at working within the multi-tiered, multi-contractor projects that are characteristic of major port installations.

In-depth experience of handling an extensive range of dry bulk materials underpins the delivery of right first time solutions, for every cargo. This is true even for cargos with variable and/or novel flow characteristics, such as some biomass materials.

Port Handling Facilities/Equipment