Grain Storage & Handling

Defining grain handling and conveying requirements

Materials handling equipment for grain generally has to survive lengthy periods of not being in full use, but once the harvest starts it must be unfailingly reliable. Rapid repair and spares availability are therefore a critical consideration in a sector with seasonal operation.

Grain storage systems require conveyors that range in size, from low flow rate machines for on-farm use to increasingly high-throughput systems for transport in fully integrated large-scale storage facilities. Centralisation is a marked trend as farm equipment reaches the end of its life.

Equipment for silo discharge

With the addition of the Guttridge Silo Sweep Auger to the grain handling ranges of machinery, we now offer equipment for every aspect of grain handling from intake to silo discharge and bulk outloading.  The sweep auger and silo discharge auger can operate individually or together to provide a complete silo discharge system for flat bottomed silos. Hopper bottomed silos can be discharged with specially configured chain conveyor systems.

Products particularly suited to grain handling include:

Guttridge Chain Conveyor  (for throughputs from 100 tph)

Carier Chain Conveyor  (for throughputs up to 100 tph)

Guttridge Bucket Elevator  (for throughputs from 100 tph)

Carier Bucket Elevator  (for throughputs up to 100 tph)

Tubular Screw Conveyor  

Silo Sweep Auger 

Silo Discharge Auger 

Grain conveyors from Guttridge

With experience that reaches back to the earlier days of mechanised handling, Guttridge has unrivalled expertise in grain handling applications. As owner of the Carier brand, the company complements tried and tested conveying solutions with a comprehensive repair, maintenance and genuine spares service that extends to all Carier and Guttridge machines. This ensures trouble-free reliable operation over the lifetime of the machine.

Grain Storage & Handling